Masters Leadership Program (MLP) candidates are proven leaders in their fields with a strong track record of accomplishment and driven by a desire to serve the community — a community that includes societal inequities and systemic social injustices. MLP is seeking individuals representing a diversity of background and experience looking for an opportunity to learn from and enhance the lives of others through nonprofit board and civic commission service.

Applications are currently closed and will be open from January 1st through March 31st, 2023 for the program beginning that fall.

Eligibility Criteria

Ideal candidates are:

  • In full control of their schedules, able to fully commit to attending ALL 12 full days of classes. Please review the class schedule to confirm your personal calendar allows commitment to attend ALL classes.
  • Recommended by either:
    • Someone from the “MLP Family” -- graduate, board, emeritus member or staff
    • Or, 1-2 individuals that are knowledgeable about MLP and with whom the applicant is familiar.
    • View tips on how to prepare your candidate for the application and selection process.
  • From a variety of professions, represent the diverse culture of our community, and have the heart and passion to serve.
  • From San Antonio and surrounding area.
  • Able to demonstrate an active desire to serve, impact change, and stay connected in our community through a role of service on a nonprofit board or civic commission.
  • Are motivated by a desire to serve as vital contributors in creating equitable, inclusive outcomes for our community through their service activities.

Your Commitment

  • Prior to applying, review Application Tips to help you prepare for the application and selection process.
  • Fulfilment of $1,500 tuition.
  • Active attendance at all 12 full class days.
  • Financial contribution to the class fundraising project.
  • Service on a nonprofit agency board or civic commission upon graduation.
  • Reporting of community service on the graduate website.
  • Participation in the MLP Alumni Association (MLPAA) — annual fees are $150.

Program Timeline

Program Timeline


January 1 - March 31, 2023

Fifty-four (54) candidates, and aproximately five alternates, are selected each year for participation in the program. Due to the large number of applications, classes will fill, and applicants may be invited to re-submit for a following year.



Candidates with completed applications may be invited for a face-to-face conversation with an MLP graduate. These 30-minute conversations are structured to answer any questions you may have about MLP and offer an opportunity to add more context to your application.

A selection committee, consisting of MLP graduates, staff, and Board members assesses all applicants and makes the final determination on candidate selection.



Accepted candidates are notified and receive detailed information for confirming their commitment. One-half of the $1,500 tuition fee is due at the time commitment form is submitted in late June. Remainder is due in early August. Limited scholarships are available based on financial need — contact the MLP Executive Director for details

Course Work

October - April

The program spans seven months with 12 full days of curriculum. See program description or class schedule.



Equipped with a depth understanding of the community aspirations, strengths and gaps, graduates engage on their service journey through

  • Dialogue with nonprofit agencies and city / county commissions to identify matches with strengths, skills, talents and passion for mission
  • Expressing interest to serve
  • Being appointed and actively serving
  • Joining the MLPAA
  • Reporting service positions, as acquired
  • Nominating future potential candidates