Embed video created by one of one Class XIV students—credit Olga Custodio for video

Each year MLP introduces its new members, 51 passionate people ready to engage and grow into vital leadership roles in the local nonprofit and civic community, to its highly integrated curriculum. Participants are immersed in opportunities that prepare and nurture innovative thinkers to inspire and lead civic organizations. The initial 13 full-day series over a seven-month period, is an engaging curriculum shaped by current events, city growth, advancement goals, and the services that are needed by a dynamic, constantly emerging region— the nation’s 7th largest city.

Experts in the fields of History & Government, Military Impact, Education, Criminal Justice, Bioscience & Healthcare, Growth & Economics, Technology, Arts & Communication, Environment, Human Services, and crucial Board Skills Development are featured throughout the 13 full-day program. This direct engagement allows MLP participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the educational, economic, cultural, civic and governmental fabric of our city, and surrounding municipalities. It also gives them a backstage pass to experience the full depth and breadth of these issues along with direct connections to establish important networking relationships.

Application and Selection