Over 150 Agency Partners and Growing

Top 5 Partner Benefits


Opportunity to share your well-planned, 3-minute presentation to 51 enthusiastic and committed leaders


Face-to-face introduction to potential board candidates who have an interest in your mission and a passion to serve


Ability to liaise with other organizations and learn about their missions for potential future collaborations


Now, 51 civic-minded leaders along with CEOs of diverse organizations and their board members are aware of the crucial work your organization is doing in the community.


Enrollment forms of ALL current Agency Partners (attending and non-attending) are made available online to the students in the current graduating class and the entire MLP graduate body, over 650 strong.

We provide opportunities for graduates to serve as vital contributors in building a better San Antonio

The Masters Leadership Program (MLP)—with more than 650 graduates and 51 current students—is your dedicated partner, ally, and advocate in building strong, competent boards. With a mission to create opportunities for effective stewardship in a caring community, we serve nonprofit agencies and civic commissions. Our objective is to be a reliable source for strong leadership, proper governance, and credible fiduciary oversight.

Nonprofits, like most businesses, are impacted by the ever-changing environment of information technology, governmental regulations, human resources, social developments, and effective communication and marketing strategies. A strong board infused with individuals that have a variety of life experiences, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds can provide just the right foundational support an agency needs to deal with these challenges and achieve success.

Since 2004, MLP has established a highly effective Program for identifying, screening, and preparing accomplished, capable, and passionate individuals to serve our community as board members and civic leaders. Our graduates come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Our rigorous Curriculum, the most highly regarded part of our Program, increases their community awareness, cultural competence, empathy, confidence, optimism, focus and inspiration to give back.

Discover more about our Agency Partner Program by reading the other tabs in this section. See how easy it is to join and enjoy the great benefits of membership designed exclusively to serve your needs. Together, we can continue to build a better San Antonio! MLP provides partner services free of charge.

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